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Wenqi Zheng​


Date of Birth:

May 3rd

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Hello! I 'm Wenqi
I am Wenqi Zheng, from China. My background is Visual Communication Design. I am studying Design for social innovation at the School of Visual Arts. I’ve always wanted to work in the transformation of the human experience because I have a passion for contributing to making people’s lives better, and I think the focus on transformation is important because it looks at humanity in its totality and as a complete experience.  That’s why I focused on Design in my study and got to understand Visual Design and Social innovation. 
MFA-Design for Social Innovation
School of Visual Arts

Main Courses:

Environmental Ethics; Mapping and Visualization Design; Technologies for Social Design; Disruptive Design: Research and Insights; Communication Design 

BFA-Visual Communication Design 
Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai) 

Main Courses:

Design History of Home and Abroad; Advertising Design; Graphical Symbols Design; Brand Design; Digital Media and Production Design; Commercial Illustration; Publication Design; Brand Design; Manual Book Design 

UN Women
Graphic Design&Internal Communication

Main Responsibility: 

Provided graphic design and writing / editing support to the development and implementation of HR outreach and communications

Developed an animation video on the new Policy. Procedure and Guidance framework for all staff, as requested by the Legal team

Developed communication materials, including poster and certificate for the UN Women Team Excellence Awards

Developed materials related to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, including a UN Women guide on Sexual Exploitation and Abused and Sexual Harassment, and an chart on how to informally and formally report Sexual Harassment

Founder and Chief Designer 
Volunteer in Pereira, Colombia 

Brief Description:  

As one of the founders of TEDxBNUZ, created a platform to exchange valuable ideas; critical thinking; innovative brainstorming for Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai. Held more than nine rounds of this activity, it has developed into an association of 50 members, with its own brand, including public relations, administration, finance and other departments. It is only second to the largest BNUZ school community. 

Main Responsibility:

Responsible for designing association’s name card, uniforms, screen fabric choosing, posters; invitation, etc. 


Brief Description:  

Taught kids English in poor areas and planned entertainment games to interact with them

Held ”International Culture Festival” in local place to share our native culture

Exhibited a Mini Photography Show and a poster to publicized the exhibition 

Brand Building Manager
Enactus (formerly SIFE) 

Brief Description:

Participated into “The Lung of Earth” Pyst-refine Project; won 2nd Prize in JA National Commercial Project Final Contest. The project is based upon the innovative idea of “Obtain and Apply from its own source” implanted public welfare idea into commercial project mode . Our team applied plant-layering purified water method to build artificial wetlands in polluted river channel. Deepened the commercial value out of purification water plants; build a chain of pollution-free industry in order to purify water as well as support into improving the living environment of the contaminated areas residents and their economy situation.

Main Responsibility:

Responsible for technical support and brand recognition system design; including VI; graphic design (peripheral design, name card, pamphlet, uniforms, posters, video production, etc.) In charge of yearbook design and censoring national contest PPT & Videos . 


Hcia&Co Summer Camp (USA)

Brief Description:

Attended The Business Plan Competition held by HCIA& Company; Responsible for Marketing Department design, including the design of team logo; name card; Final Report PPT; marketing plan to propagandize its brand. 


Harvard Social Enterprise Innovation Project 

Brief Description:

It is to design an app for balancing nutrition and fat content, demanding interaction design and user interface design.

Main Responsibility: Made two minutes introduction video and designed posters; put forward an original solution, identified its subject and referred to relative materials 


Morgan Stanley Entrepreneur Training (USA)

Brief Description:

A project is deemed to help the targeted company how to obtain maximum profits by rational investment, to analyze its rivals and to identify the strengths and weakness of its products.


Main Responsibility:

Involved in designing publicity video and performance stage for charity auction; invited guests to present charity auction; responsible for PowerPoint presentations preparation.



Adobe Photoshop - Proficient  


Adobe  illustrator  - Proficient  


Adobe  InDesign   - Proficient  


Chinese - Mother Tongue


English  - Advanced  


Office Software   - Advanced 


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