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Gender discrimination refers to a situation where members of one gender treat members of another gender unequally. This concept is found to be re ected in daily conversations. 

Such conversations were recorded in this book, with a hope to let readers realize language violence, and the meaning of the existence of others. The speakers and conversations in the book all were carefully designed based on daily observations. 

Man can't wear skirt. 

War is a boy's thing, girls shouldn‘t go to the army.

"For a long time, it was thought that sex discrimination was a girl's thing."

"Against all forms of

gender discrimination"

"Some people think ..."

“Stupid girls are virtuous.”


“I heard that you are pregnant. Resign yourself. Don’t make it difficult for the company. ”


”What is a man preparing for meals everyday? Things like changing diapers should be left for your wife. “

“Women should put family first. You a woman should stay at home raising kids. ”

“This job needs you to travel frequently. Can your family arrange for that? ”

“How come you girls are playing ball?”

“Men can't like pink.”

“Why would a girl work out?”

“Men are libertine to be promiscuous in sex relations, but women are coquettish to do the same.”

“No one is to blame if girls wearing little clothing get harassed.”

“Girl man is a compliment for you.”

“Men are experienced to have gone through relationship many times, but girls are sexually promiscuous to do that.”​

“Single men are caring to keep a dog, but single girls are lonely to do the same. ”

"That woman must have been slept to get the position. "

"How can you deliver a child if you can bear such little pain. "

"Every game is violent, vulgar, so girls can not play. "

"Girls should keep silent in class and are not allowed to laugh simply because they are not guys. "

"I won’t invest a company which is led by a lady, in that woman are not capable of managing a company well. "

"Against all forms of gender discrimination"

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