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Communication is a necessary skill, which can help to survival in this social world. It is also a complex process. Sometimes, view in eyes or sound by ears may not be true.

Communication 4 steps: language, activity, emotion & thought. To develop a mental telepathy, I intended to create a kind of contact lenses, which can help users know the truth.

language step 0th do not need to wear contact lenses.

The product has 3 levels:

Strength level 1: activity

Strength level 2: emotion

Strength level 3: thought. 

Communication is vital important for people to know and understand each other. While lots of people are in this trouble. 

0th strength level 

1st strength level 

Wearing 1st strength level Trans contact lenses, you can see who they really are when talking to them without any discomfort. 

In order to know about others’ true feelings and help each other, we can use 2nd level strength, which may bring us new friends. 

2nd strength level 

Wearing the last strength level, you will nd life is so amazing. You began to listen to others’ thoughts and know them well. 

3rd strength level 

"Communicating with heart"

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